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It's Taako as seen on TV!
I was so desperate to draw my favourite lil cheeky shit from my favourite DnD podcast: 'The Adventure Zone'! I am happy to have finally succeeded!

Between Taako and Jenkins [who I will probably try to doodle next] I could barely decide which I wanted to draw first!

I drew him in space themed garb since I was listening to the crystal kingdom segment the whole time I did the piece n it gives me fantasy space vibes!

Hope you guys love it, also if you haven't, I'd really recommend giving TAZ a listen it's such a funny series!
Mouth practice!
Which one's your favourite?

Just trying to bump up my skills in drawing a variety o' facial features! I'm going to practice either noses or eyes next not sure! Hopefully I can improve sometime soon!

Hope you guys like! Till the next piece!

Made with Photoshop elements
Concept art
Just a lil practice for a character!

I'm messing with drawing faces digitally and I like how this came out!

Hope you like! Till the next piece!

Made in Photoshop elements
Just a super quick piece to be my new profile pic [probably]

Till the next piece!

Done with photoshop elements
Okay, heheh. First time I've been tagged for anything, not entirely sure if I'm doing this right but I'm gonna give it my best. Thank you to A-Zetka for tagging..! Alright, *Engages determined music* Lets do this:


1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves.
3. Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag.
4. Choose 10 people and put their icons in your journal.
5. Go to their page and inform them that they have been tagged by you.
6. Not something like "You are tagged if you read that".
7. You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
8. No tag-backs.

Ten Facts about me:

1. I am small, shortest in my group of friends and when I say I'm small I mean I can still fit into my primary school clothes small. I make a very good arm rest for my friends.
.......Dammit, One fact in and I've already run out of things to say...*Ahem* I mean:
2: I am obsessed with gaming and anime, and yeah if you mention either to me I will have to smash through your screen and highfive you.

3. I am addicted to Coca Cola. I'm in love with the coco- Aaand we will end that there.

4. I literally have two boxes of shiny things or 'jewelry' as most people call them. But I don't wear any of it. Am I a magpie? No, Crows collect shiny things too.

5. I am a sucker for animation, everything seemed better to me animated..!

6. Its often been rumoured as ancient myth that if you place me and a dog in the same room, you can't tell the difference between the two.

7. My attachment to the title of 'Crow' started when I was about seven due to reading a certain book series. (Points to who can guess which book.)

8. I don't psychically own a real coat... Yeah and we live in Britain. What is wrong with me..?

9. I have an 'On and Off' fear of the dark, seriously sometimes I will walk around the house at night with no lights on and other times turn on every single light in the house when its even a little dim inside just in case there might be a serial killer in the kitchen. And yes I will do the whole 'turn the light off and race faster that naturally possible to saftey' game.

10. I have never had a headache, nosebleed or trip to the hospital in my life so far. And I have no idea how I haven't jinxed that yet.

Ten questions I have been asked

1.  If you could make friends with one wild animal or mythical/magical being, what could it be?
....Dammit. No, pick from. Aaaaah... I guess I would have to say... a crow. Or dragon, or dog, or- (Lets assume I can't answer this one and stick with Crow)

2. Have you ever seen (or rather heard) in person talking parrot?
Yes, and in actual fact (Weird but possibly funny story) I met one in a pet shop on holiday, it said hello at first but then genuinely wolf whistled at me when I tried to leave the shop. ...I wish I was making that last part up.

3. You prefer curvy or rather sharp shapes?
Hm....I guess I prefer curves (Aw yeah girl) That was weird, I'm not a guy, shouldn't be saying this uh- Abort, abort.

4. Favourite song (or the one you're listening right now)?
Not sure if this counts but recently I watched Markiplier play OFF so now I am obsessed with one of its songs, Peppered Steak. Currently I'm listening to its remix: Find it here, fun to listen to you know:…

5. Why are you here, on dA?
Hm, I guess I learnt about this site a few years back but wasn't sure if my art was worth going to the trouble of being posted on a site. But less than a year ago (I think) people began to say that I should make an account and now I have, I'm glad I did though. I feel ashamed for not coming here sooner.
6.  You prefer to spend summertime by the seaside, in the city, countryside, forest or mountains?
Ooh, that's a kinda hard one. I've spent most of my summers by the seaside yet camped (Yes, I camp) in the countryside. I like the look of cities but feel very out of place there, and mountains are fun, I like to climb but hard to spend a summer in. Forest it is! *Gathers Slender deflecting kit and heads out door*

7. Intro- or extroverted?
Hm, I guess introvert, to be honest I would describe me as Ambivert but I don't go outside unless I am summoned by friends so....Yeah.

8. Do you like being in the darkness?
Oh yeah, I prefer it to being in the light, I said before that my on and off fear of the dark makes it hard to decide but yeah, I don't like being seen so I like the dark more.

9. Have you ever thought of writing and realeasing your own book?
When I was younger yeah, I had loads of ideas that I wish I could have stuck with. Now? Of course, it would be the most amazing thing ever to write and publish a book but I'm not sure if my kind of twisted story writing would bode well with the public. Eheheheheheh. Not that kind of twisted, get your mind outta the gutter kids.

10. Any allergies or phobias?
I have an incredibly sensitive nose so things like dust make me sneeze for at least three days. No food allergies but I used to be allergic to so many things when I was little, Egg, Dairy, chocolate, Orange juice?! But yeah, now I'm fine with all of it. *Grin*
I guess the closest thing to what I'm terrified of would be either Thanatophobia or Athazagoraphobia. Trust me, I've had plenty of time (thirteen years to be exact) to think about this and I'm certain its a mix of the two. Other than that I guess I'm norma-*Laughs*

Okay! I think I've done it! Awesome! I'm still new to this whole thing but I like it so far. Again, thank you to the one who tagged me for this, I feel honoured.

Alright, these are the questions that I choose for the people I tag to answer:

1. Important question: Do you prefer waffles, or pancakes? Bonus if you want to say what you like on them.

2. Favourite Franchise or OTP? (It can be from anything, gaming, anime, cartoon, book series, your choice.)

3. Any deep seated fears that keep you up at night? (Hey I had to answer it, so do you.)

4. Is the dress blue and black or- Okay I'm sorry, please don't hurt me. Have any pets? Or animals you'd love as a pet?

5. Favourite food or snack?

6. Whats the weirdest dream (or nightmare) that you've had?

7. Scariest thing thats happened to you?

8. Who would you say you look up to, or aspire to be like? You can have more than one answer if you like, and they don't
have to actually exist, they can be from a fictional world.

9. Would you prefer to live in a massive house with a complex system or rooms for hiding and such, or a smaller home which you know every inch of like the back of your hand?

10. Could you ever see yourself winning in a psychical fight against someone? Be honest.

Little note, I've chosen to tag people who follow me since I'm not sure I want to bother people who don't know me very well, haha
I've thought it over and I choose to tag:

fluffyplanet  We must unlock all of Verona's secrets, Mwuahahahaha (Minds outta the gutter now.)

AngelPACMAN1 Gotta tag this guy, he is an amazing person! And has commented on quite a few of my works.

mckinlayheady We've been literally having an emoji war since I first came to this site...yes that long, haha. This needs to be done.

OddandAelita4life She's an awesome gal, of course I need to tag her..!

elysian-boy He is super cool, he will give cool answers, can't pass it up..!

ArcticPug I always like seeing their pug photos, love 'em!

King-of-Dark-Titans I think they were one of the earliest or the first official person who commented on my work that I didn't know prior, they deserve it!

lilly8neonwaffles They are such an nice person, don't wanna waste this chance.

BreeBree135 An awesome person who needs to be seen! Woo!

SnowyKatLovesArt What can I say, I love their work, and they are a good person. =^.^=

And if anyone else wants to do this tag then of course, by all means, go ahead..! Hope you've enjoyed this. My first ever Journal post haha.
Until the next thing, Bye!


ChaoticCrows's Profile Picture
I'll never tell
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
Hello. Good Morning, Good Day and Good Evening to you! I am a seventeen year old British bean, I go by the name of Crow online!
I am an anime, video game and internet fanatic. My whole life revolves around art (Which I guess is the point of this site. haha)

I suppose my art will be influenced by these many things that I'm into but I'm happy to have suggestions..!

Hope you all like my work, and if not then that's chill too! Thank you for being here!



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